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2015 ACA Changes: Are you on top of your game?
The KISS Method -- at Work??

Information overload. 24/7 workdays. Increasingly complex technology, processes and operating environments. It's no wonder your employees are overwhelmed! Learn practical strategies for simplifying your workplace -- and getting better results from your team.
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Paychecks Don't Make Good Babysitters

Relying on money to keep your people committed? They may not stick around for long. Linda Sasser shares five actions to keep your high performers happy, dedicated and working hard for you.

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Leadership Tip of the Month
Leadership Tip of the Month: Lead to the Conditions

Effective leaders learn to ebb and flow to accommodate what and who they’re leading:
  1. Don't let the environment determine your mood or attitude. Exemplify the attitude you want your team to mirror, regardless of how people behave around you.
  2. Don't just ride challenging times out. Put together a plan of how you'll push through the hard times.
  3. Don’t avoid difficult conversations. Address issues when they arise and make hard decisions based on what’s best for your organization.
  4. Don’t just cast your vision. Carry it forward by working alongside your team to help make it a reality.
  5. Don’t hoard information. Communicate as openly as possible so your people aren’t left guessing what's next.

When you let the conditions lead you, you go whichever way the wind blows. Lead to the conditions by knowing what the conditions are, caring enough to step out of your comfort zone and being the leader your team and your organization needs you to be.

Source: Linda Sasser


Featured Webinar

Putting the Fun Back in Performance Reviews (No, Really.)

August 5, 1 PM EST

For many leaders, the performance review process has been so institutionalized that it no longer brings value to the leader or the employee. Performance reviews become viewed as a task that just takes up time or as simply a method for “documenting” poor behavior or “justifying” a raise. So, we come to dread them instead of viewing them as what they could be: meaningful growth conversations.

In this webinar, leaders will learn how to maximize the performance review process by making it a conversation that is productive and beneficial for both the leader and the employee.

Following this webinar, attendees will:

  • Take steps to prepare themselves and their employees before the review
  • Turn routine performance reviews into conversations focused on the employee’s growth
  • Provide feedback with care and candor
  • Leave the webinar with a sample performance review guide that spurs in-depth conversations and gets results

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